Payroll Solution Services

Today, payroll preparation is more complicated and time consuming than in the past. The added complexity associated with 401(k), SIMPLE Plans, ESOP's, SEP's, and other employee benefit packages along with the related pre- and post-tax treatment of these plans only adds to the need for expertise in payroll preparation and compliance.

B&A's Payroll Consulting Solution Services provides analysis of numerous retirement and benefit plan packages available today. We tailor a solution that maximizes your tax benefit and provides for the needs of its employees.

Our Payroll Solution Services is based on a software platform that incorporates every aspect of the payroll process and provides prompt, accurate reports. We have the flexibility to handle all your payroll needs, or only a part of them, and can prepare a variety of special reports that can help you with operational areas. We also address payroll tax compliance and reporting, through the preparation of quarterly payroll tax returns and annual earning statements, including 1099's and W-2's.

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