Business Valuation Solution Services

When value is in question? Whether you are selling or buying a business, planning for your business, settling a contract dispute, creating an ESOP, seeking business financing or doing a strategic plan, it's crucial to have a sound, professional valuation opinion from a firm that will stand behind its conclusions.

Business owners frequently make best-guess estimates of value based on a rule of thumb, book value or an old appraisal report. Relying on these informal, inaccurate or even outdated measures of worth can lead to underestimates of value and costly mistakes. We can determine which is the best valuation method for you.

Here's How:

  1. Define Value. As Certified Valuation Analysists (CVA), we will define what value you are seeking so the result fits the purpose.
  2. Gather Data. We will gather historical and projected financial, operational and economic information about the business, including the company's financial statements, tax returns, history of ownership changes and resumes of current management.
  3. Determine the Value. We will determine which valuation method or methods we will use to provide the most accurate value for your company as a whole, based on the specifics of the situation. We will then analyze all of the information gathered about the business itself. We will look at the value established for similar businesses as well as the economic climate for your industry and the region in which your company operates.
  4. Adjust the Value. We will consider attributes that affect the value of the specific shares in question. These include the marketability, attached voting rights, whether it represents a controlling or minority interest in the company and any special circumstances relating to the company. To reflect these factors, we apply the discounts or premiums necessary.